"You want
to know about
the grotto. It
must be built. I
tell you again. It
will be the
beginning of
wonderful things
that will happen."

Jesus to Rhoda
June 28, 1944
St. Therese as Rhoda saw her
Mother Angelica visiting Rhoda's home in 1986

"The grotto will be built.
It is my will."

Jesus to Rhoda
June 28, 1946
Deacon Bill Steltemeier
blesses the Grotto
dedicated to the Sacred
Heart and St. Therese, the
Little Flower on
June 27, 2003
Grotto Dedication
Grotto Interior
Fr. Jacques Daley O.S.B.
A frequent visitor to Rhoda's home
Winter Grotto
Grotto Bells

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